Feb 2017

I have been trying new colour combinations. I first created the painting with  a bright background.  Then I dry brushed in a neutral background.  I like the atmospheric look of the misty white background.

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Original Abstract Art

I have found new inspiration for my 2017 series titled Vessels. This is a progression from my previous exploration of abstract art using dry brush technique.  I like the blurred edges – the atmospheric, almost dreamlike quality that results from dry brushing over a heavily textured surface. My earlier series were totally abstract. However, I now like the look of an abstract background with a stylised focal point i.e. a vessel. Vessels have always intrigued because they are rich in symbolism, tradition, mystery and yet simply functional. I have loved to look at ancient jars, chalices, goblets, crucibles and bowls in museums. The mysteries they hold, the history they have been part of, the culture they represent – legends have sometimes evolved around the very existence of some precious vessels of time…
I digress. I have collected some lovely vessels from my travels. These include a wooden kava bowl from Fiji, a ceramic tagine from Morocco, a painted clay pot from Peru, fragile glass perfume bottles from Turkey, tiny carved spice jars from Zanzibar and an intricately carved medicinal herb vessel from Sumatra.
The 2017 series of artworks is inspired by my collection of vessels.  I have included below, one of the last paintings from my previous series, which features an abstract cruciform shape in dry brush technique. The next two images show the subsequent progression to the evolution of the Vessel series. You can see that the colour palette remains muted and the dry brushing still features.  However, now a central focus of the vessel has been added: