Design a Herb Garden

A herb garden bed is an essential part of your healing garden. Since ancient times, people of all cultures have cultivated herbs for remedial and culinary purposes.  The special properties of herbs have been understood by healers in ancient civilisations, monks in medieval monasteries, shamanic healers of indigenous cultures and therapists of western society. Interest in healing herbs has increased over the last decades as people seek alternatives to chemical medicines or wish to try natural therapies to complement their prescriptions.
I have included a small herb garden (see above) designed in a formal cross shape, in my therapeutic garden. Slightly raised beds and a path of white chip define the rectangular design. A large terracotta strawberry pot in the centre acts as a focal point (I have yet to add a plant to the pot).
In the four beds I have included herbs such as fennel, dill, thyme, pineapple sage, lovage, lemon balm, marjoram and coriander. These are mostly perennial so will fill the beds year round.