Grow your own Saffron

Growing Saffron

It’s a great idea to include in your garden something that is expensive to buy but easy to grow. An example is Saffron which you can buy online as corms. Just plant the corms according to the instructions on the packet and within about four months the corms will be sprouting above the ground and blooming with a beautiful mauve tinted flower with the treasured red stamens.  Just snip the three stamens and dry them carefully.  I dry them in a paper bag placed on top of the hot water cylinder for a few days. mark the position of the corms in your garden with a decorative label so you don’t forget where they are when the leaves die down. Each corm multiplies so you will be rewarded with “daughter” corms each year. Wonderful!

Saffron flower with red stamens
Saffron flower with red stamens





Create your own healing garden

Imagine the most peaceful, relaxing scene in your mind.  Is it a forest glade with a crystal clear spring edged by ferny greenery; or is it a sunny meadow setting with waving grass and birdsong; or perhaps a secluded walled garden filled with scented plants. These are the types of scenes we often dream of when we are suffering from work burnout, information  overload or commuter  exhaustion.
You can create your own serene sanctuary or tranquil oasis in your garden. Whether you have an existing garden that you want to redesign or an awkward sized unused area on one side of your house, you can transform any part of your garden into a restful retreat. By concentrating on including healing garden design elements that make healing garden unique, you can create your own therapeutic sanctuary.
Your healing garden can serve many purposes. You might use it as a rest and relaxation space, as a spiritual meditation garden or as a contemplation garden. Whatever theme  you choose for your urban retreat, you will find that there are certain design elements you will need to include to give it that tranquil ambience. These design elements include privacy, water features, planting palette and artworks.  Over my next posts I will deal with these design elements in more detail.

Healing garden planting
Backlighting on the pond reeds
Healing garden design
Water feature adds tranquillity