Planting in Pots

Adding focal points of interest in your healing garden can be as easy as adding a few pots planted up in interesting ways.  Ordinary plants can be made to look extra-ordinary when placed in a special pot and made a feature of.  Even a sculptural specimen such as this bromeliad (below) is given extra wow factor placed in a large black glazed pot. Elevating the bromeliad also allows the stunning red foliage to be backlit against the sun for extra glowing effect.

Pots in your healing garden
Adding pots as a focal point in your healing garden

A wide shallow pot can be used to show off a tall leafy plant to good effect. This iris is often planted en masse but this one has been given its own stage. There is a pleasing textural contrast between the strappy leaves and the small round leafed ground cover below.

Healing garden pots
Iris in wide shallow pot

In my own healing garden I have included a collection of tiny succulents as a charming vignette. This cute little setting is an artwork in itself and invites restful contemplation

Pot on courtyard table
Tiny succulents in a pot


Author: char3lie

artist, gardener, designer, pet lover

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