Art for your Healing Garden-“found” art

When you are designing your healing garden, make sure you add your own personality into the design. A great way to do this is to add “found art” or “l’objet bizarre”. You may choose to purchase a stunning sculpture or artwork and position it as a focal point in your garden. Or you can tap into your creative side and “magic” up a quirky object to bring a smile to your visitors’ faces. A whimsical creation can speak volumes about your hidden talents, your sense of humor and irony, and yes, even about your outlook on life…
If your creative inspiration escapes you, just look online and search for “recycled art” or “DIY garden art” for ideas.
In my healing garden I have used a favourite method of re-purposing plant pots to great a simple water basin or birdbath (see below).

If you have a grapevine to prune yearly, see if you can weave your magic with the vine tendrils. You may save in pruning disposal costs and you might create something useful. I have used grape vine prunings to make an intriguing hanging vine sphere to hang from my pergola. I have recently fashioned vines together with bamboo prunings to make my first bean wigwam of the season.

If you are really crafty you could make a simple wire-work faux cage (see below) in which to put a small plant. If you are imaginative you might see the potential in a junkyard find.  This rusty tin and wire obelisk (below) used to be a material covered floor lamp. Have fun with your creativity!

Author: char3lie

artist, gardener, designer, pet lover

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