Vine Art

During winter, when you prune your grape vine, keep some of the long, thin branches and create vine art.  I made a rustic looking vine ball and it looks great hanging from the pergola over my courtyard table.  I made this ball by bending one long branch into a circular shape approximately 30 cm across.  I tied the overlapping ends together with thin wire.  Then I bent more branches around this vine circle, weaving them through,  attaching them to each other at intervals where they touched, with wire, until a sphere started to form.  Just make sure you space the branches sort of evenly around to prevent big spaces. Use plenty of branches so you get a sturdy ball.  The small curly tendrils springing up over the ball make it look amazing.  If you have used thin steel wire then you won’t notice the wire against the colour of the vines.

Vine Art
Vine branches woven into a ball

My next vine project will be an obelisk that can be used as decoration or as a climbing frame for tomato plants.  I will probably use bamboo stakes (which I have growing along a boundary) as the uprights and then wind vine branches around.  I noticed these examples in a local garden centre and I’ll use these for inspiration.

Garden obelisks



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